“Imagine all the people” ….

"Imagine all the people” trying to be squeezed while they are catching THE moment of the sun kissing the horizon in the deep blue sea?

You can easily find yourself comfortably enjoying these moments, with the most important person in your life, in a private area of Fanari Villas resort.
We‘d like to offer you the possibility to enjoy our premises without needing to have a complete stay with us.
You may experience your dinner in one of our suites and have the option of a short use (3 hours) or a complete overnight stay.

You are kindly advised to choose your menu in advance (samples already published in our website, in Fine Dining section: Set Menus and let us know if during your visit you need any other special arrangements (flowers, champagne, candles etc).

We are at your disposal and ready to do our best to fulfill your wishes.

You may contact us or just fill the below form.

Find Fanari Restaurant Menu HERE

Bon Appetite!


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