F.A.Q. from A-Z for weddings in Santorini at the Fanari Villas Hotel

Can you offer assistance with accommodation for both ourselves and our guests?

Of course, we can welcome you and your guests at Fanari Villas Hotel, but we can also help you make reservations in other hotels in Santorini, Athens and anywhere else. We can even help you book your airplane or boat tickets, in collaboration with a travel agency. All we need is some personal details to proceed with the bookings. Let us handle all the arrangements on behalf of you and your guests. All you should be doing is dreaming about your perfect wedding.

Could you provide us with a plan of the reception areas?

We can forward the plans to you via mail, upon request.

How many days before the wedding should we be there?

We suggest arriving at least 2 to 3 days prior to your wedding day. This way, for example, you can locate any missing luggage in time or deal with any last minute details that may arise. You may also want to relax and get ready for your special day.

Can you offer us additional information about balloon decoration?

Any Santorini wedding package that offers balloon decoration in your suite is consisting of special latex and foil balloons. Of course, if you want balloons decorating the reception area, this can easily be arranged by our Santorini wedding planner's team.

What are “bonboniera” and “koufetta”?

Koufetta are sugar-coated Jordan almonds which are placed on the wedding tray among rice and the wedding crowns (stefana). Koufetta are often enveloped in tulle or saten, creating a little pouch called a bonboniera. Only an odd number of koufetta are placed in the bonboniera, because the indivisibility of odd numbers represents the indivisibility of the newlywed couple. Jordan almonds have been chosen for koufetta since fresh almonds have a bittersweet taste, which symbolizes life and the times that lay ahead in the couple’s marriage. The almonds are sugar-coated to wish that their life together will have more sweet moments than bitter ones.

If we cancel our wedding reservation, is our money refunded?

If you cancel the reservation 90 days prior to the scheduled wedding date, the full amount will be refunded, except for the deposit of € 800, which was needed to confirm and book your date and to commence planning of your wedding.

How many guests can you cater for during the wedding reception at the Fanari Villas Hotel?

Seated reception: 120 guests on different levels, 55-60 guests on one level. Buffet-style: 150 guests, with set tables for 100-120 guests, where they can sit in turns.

Can we change our wedding date?

You can change your wedding date if necessary and we will try to change the rest of the plans to fit your new wedding date.

Why should we arrange a cocktail by the pool or close to the reception area before the wedding?

Very often, weddings take place around sunset time. It is the perfect time to take photos and to enjoy the romantic Santorini setting. In addition, you can offer your guests a glass of Sparkling wine or chilled wine before the ceremony starts while they gaze at the magnificent view of the Aegean and the Caldera area.

Could you provide us with a plan and photos of the complex?

Of course, we can. We can forward them to you by mail, upon request.

Could you offer us additional information about confetti, flower launchers and sparklers?

Hundreds of small, ecologically-friendly pieces of paper are launched into the air, making your Santorini wedding colorful and fun, in an original and exciting way. In addition to confetti, the launchers also launch flower petals. Just let our Santorini wedding planners in Oia know which of the two you prefer.

What does the coordinator’s service fee include?

The Coordinator/Supervisor fee doesn’t only include coordination and supervision services of weddings in Santorini. It also includes:

  • Booking of the wedding date and time
  • Collection of
    1. the copies of the documentation via fax or e-mail – which must be sent at least one month prior to the wedding date
    2. confirmation of “wellbeing” from the Town Hall / Church
    3. the wedding application
  • Choice of the available locations in the complex for the ceremony, upon your arrival
  • Translation during the wedding from Greek to English and vice-versa
  • Witness/es (if required)
  • Waiters,bartender fees
  • Contact details of official translators’ office i.g. based in Australia (for Australian citizens)
  • Ceremony table
  • Provision of CD player for the music CD of your choice
  • Dressing of the matrimonial bed, complimentary strawberries with whipped cream or seasonal fruits
  • Copy of the exchanged vows in Greek and in English.
  • Escort to the Town Hall to sign the registry book, the day after the wedding
  • Collection of:
    1. a copy of the registration
    2. photos
    3. a photo album
    4. a CD
    5. a DVD, and delivery of all the above to your suite.
You will receive a photo copy of the wedding registration. If you are leaving the island earlier, it will be sent by courier to your given home address. If documents need apostille stand, then we shall arrange to send them to Siros, the center of the perfecture, to obtain the official seal and stamp.

Just the couple, is it O.K.?

Of course, it is. This way, you will avoid the hassle of having a large wedding. We will be honored to be your guests. When you go back home, you have a party with family and friends.

Why should we select a D.J.?

A D.J. can combine all musical tastes and can communicate with you and your guests.

Can we select our wedding date.?

You can arrange the day and time of your Santorini wedding any day, any time. Please be informed that you should book your wedding early enough, at specific date and time, as there are many weddings taking place, especially during the summer. If you have decided it, then hurry up!

What do you mean by Dressing the Matrimonial Bed?

It is Greek tradition for unmarried female relatives and friends to make the bed of the bride and groom with island-style linens. When the “wedding bed” is prepared, babies and small children of relatives and friends are gently rolled on the bed, along with money and rose petals, to enhance fertility. In your case, we prepare the matrimonial bed for you as a surprise for the first evening of your married life.

How long in advance do you need a definite wedding date?

We recommend booking your wedding date as soon as possible. Santorini is an extremely popular wedding destination. Most couples ask to get married at sunset, so this time is usually a much-desired time for weddings and is usually booked well in advance.

Do we need to send a deposit?

You should deposit the non-refundable amount of € 800 so we can confirm and book your date and begin planning. This amount will be deducted from your final wedding balance and is not an extra expense.

How long does the wedding ceremony last?

No longer than 10 to 15 minutes is required for the actual wedding vow exchange to take place. If you count the amount of time it takes from the moment you leave your room to the end of the photo shoot, it takes somewhere between 1 to 2 hours.

How long have you been organizing weddings?

We have been organizing weddings since 1997 and have planned about 200 weddings in total. You may think this is not a large number considering the years of experience, but we are concerned with providing weddings that we can be proud of and making sure that the couples enjoy their precious moment of union in the bonds of matrimony. Many have become our friends and often revisit us; they send us photos of their children and keep us informed about the family news. We do not have a wedding planning office, but we can organize your wedding in our complex and will do our best to make it memorable.

What is included in the fireworks service?

Unfortunately after municipality’s recent announcement we are not allowed to use high power fireworks. But we can offer a similar and lighter version of the feeling by using the fountain style .

One of the newest trends in outdoor effects for a wedding night! Stationary fireworks that produce a magical fireworks show of color, crackle, whistles and glitter, from the ground up to 6 meters!

    Fountain pack-1 (6 items)
  • Duration: 30sec (approx.)
  • Height: 3m, Indoor only
  • Color: Silver

  • Fountain pack-2 (6 items)
  • Duration: 55sec (approx.)
  • Height: 3m, outdoor areas
  • Color: Silver

  • Fountain pack-3 (6 items)
  • Duration: 30sec (approx.)
  • Height: 3m, outdoor areas
  • Color: Gold

  • Fountain pack-4 (6 items)
  • Duration: 55sec (approx.)
  • Height: 6m, outdoor areas
  • Color: Silver

What flowers are included in the Santorini wedding packages?

We can provide a wide selection of flowers that are presented in various styles and designs. All flowers are seasonal to ensure freshness. If you have any special preference, we can import it upon request. Just inform us of the types and colors of flowers you desire. Flowers could be one of the expensive details of your planning, as there is no local production on the island and most of them are imported either from other part of Greece or even from abroad (like Far East, Holland, etc)

What kind of food should we have at our wedding reception?

Our chef and his team are capable of satisfying your culinary tastes with their knowledge and creativity, applied in local dishes, as well as Greek and international cuisine. A variety of menus are provided; nevertheless, if you have a favorite dish, let us know in advance.

How many guests can we invite on our Santorini wedding?

From none to as many as you wish. There is no limit to the number of guests you may invite.

Can you provide accommodation for our guests?

At the Fanari Villas Hotel complex we can accommodate about 30 to 40 guests. Nearby there are several other resorts that can accommodate additional guests, if this is what you require. You do not need to worry about finding suitable accommodation for your guests, due to the abundance of accommodation options available in the area.

What do you mean by guest activities?

Your guests will probably be staying on the island for 2 to 3 days. If you wish, you can fill their leisure hours with events and activities, such as:
• Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
• Island tours, swimming and lunches on the beach
• Special boat excursions with traditional seafood lunches or dinners
• Excursions to points of interest on the island, such as wineries or medieval villages

How many guests are included in your wedding packages?

The wedding packages only include the couple. If you have invited guests to your wedding, please inform us of the approximate number and we will give you our quote for your guests.

Is it easy to find a professional hairdresser?

Of course. We can arrange your special appointment for the day of your wedding and in addition you can have a pre-wed test hairstyling. Any photo of the desired hair style will be more than welcome. Also your guests can have this session.

Do the wedding packages include hotel accommodation?


What exactly is "Lambades"?

Lambades are decorated candle holders in the Church.

What is the language used in the Ceremony?

Civil Weddings are in Greek and English while Orthodox Church Weddings are in Greek.

Can you arrange our wedding at the last minute?

If you have all the legal documents ready, then yes, we can arrange it. If you do not, we can only offer you a wonderful reception and the finest scenery in Greece.

Do we both keep our last names after the wedding?


Will our civil wedding be legal?

Of course, it will. The marriage certificate you receive is a legal document, issued by the Greek Government and is valid internationally (once translated)

Why should we select a live Greek music band?

Apart from a D.J., a live band of musicians can provide you with traditional Greek music during the wedding reception. All your guests will love joining in and learning some Greek dance steps.

Is it easy to find a professional make-up artist?

Of course. We can arrange your special appointment for the day of your wedding and in addition you can have a pre-wed test of make-up. Also your guests can have this session.

Is it easy to find a professional manicuriste?

Of course. We can arrange your special appointment for the day of your wedding or even earlier. Also your guests can have this service.

When and where do we obtain the marriage cerificate?

We go to the Town Hall together the day after your wedding to sign the legal marriage document, and in no less than 3 working days we will collect a sealed copy and deliver it to your villa. . If you are leaving our island earlier, the certificate will be sent by courier to your given home address. Kind reminding all documents need to be translated by Greek authorities in your country and have apostille stamp on them. Do not forget your passports.

Until what time are we allowed to have loud music?

23:00 . – Loud speakers will be functioning on reasonable volume and no woofer is needed or allowed because of the cliff and the cave style resort.
The hotel is located in residential area, with permanent citizens and other hotels around so we need to respect the co-living.

Musicians: Traditional 2-Piece Band
Two musicians can escort the bride to the ceremony area and later play for the newlyweds and guests, adding a festive touch to this special moment. The band will play for approximately 1 hour. (Starting from Bride’s suite – escorting her to reception area and celebrating after wedding joint). The musicians play the traditional music instruments of the Aegean.

What do you mean by “Open Bar”?

Open bar includes the spirits we have agreed upon, as well as wine, beer, soft drinks and mineral water. It doesn’t include Sparkling wine, special whiskies, and French cognacs. Its cost is calculated per hour and per person for unlimited consumption.
Minimum Duration of Open Bar: 1 hour

What do you mean by “Open Wine Bar”?

Open wine bar means your selection of red or white house wines, beers, soft drinks and mineral water. Its cost is calculated per hour and per person for unlimited consumption.
Minimum Duration of Open Wine Bar: 1 hour

Where should we hold the reception after the wedding ceremony?

We recommend organizing the wedding ceremony and reception at the same location to avoid both transportation from one venue to the other and delays. If you plan on going from one venue to the other on foot, you should also consider if your guests are able to climb up and down steps, which are found throughout Santorini. You can arrange your reception at Fanari Villas, offering a delicious dinner made from the freshest ingredients from Santorini and the rest of Greece. Whether you desire a romantic dinner for two or a large reception with guests, there is no better place than the terraces of Fanari Villas, under the stars and the shadow of a whitewashed windmill, overlooking the Caldera and the twinkling village lights.

Can we add or omit some services provided in the wedding packages?

Yes, you can add or omit anything you desire.

Specific Info at Wedding Packages

When do we receive our wedding photos?

We usually pick them up and deliver them to you the day after your wedding. In seldom cases, 2 days are required.

COPYRIGHT & MODEL RELEASE Copyright of all images and video footage remain in the property of any photographer you/we may use. Images may be used on the studio’s or hotel’s website for promotional purposes in wedding magazines, wedding blogs & competitions. The agreement includes a model release to allow the use of the couple’s photographs and videos for the studio’s/hotel’s business purposes. In case you do not wish your photos and videos to be published, you need to inform the studio/hotel before booking, as a privacy fee will be applied

What is included in the photographers package?

  • 60 high-resolution photos in a CD-ROM
  • 60 printed photos (13cm x 20cm = 5,12 x 7,87 inches)
  • a photo album
  • some photos can be printed in black and white, as well
  • the photographer’s services are for 1 hour
  • (Contacts available on request)

COPYRIGHT & MODEL RELEASE Copyright of all images and video footage remain in the property of any photographer you/we may use. Images may be used on the studio’s or hotel’s website for promotional purposes in wedding magazines, wedding blogs & competitions. The agreement includes a model release to allow the use of the couple’s photographs and videos for the studio’s/hotel’s business purposes. In case you do not wish your photos and videos to be published, you need to inform the studio/hotel before booking, as a privacy fee will be applied

What is included in the videographers package?

  • One hour video recording
  • Edited video in usb drive
  • (Contacts available on request)
Where is the Santorini wedding reception held?

Fanari Villas Hotel has the ideal wedding location on the island, if not in the world, overlooking the endless Aegean Sea and the sunset. However, if you want your reception to take place elsewhere, we can certainly arrange it.

Can we have either a religious or a civil wedding in Santorini?

Yes, you can.

From July 18 1982, both civil and religious marriage ceremonies may be performed in Greece.

According to law # 1250, foreign nationals may be wed either by civil ceremony presided over by a mayor, or by a religious ceremony performed by a priest.

Couples can also undergo both ceremonies, if they wish to do so.

Although there is no residency requirement for foreign nationals wanting to marry in Greece, the bureaucratic procedure may take several weeks to complete before a marriage certificate is obtained.

This law also legalized all civil marriages performed abroad between a Greek citizen and a person of foreign nationality, prior to this date.

Previously, only religious ceremonies were recognized by the Greek State. Marriage requests all necessary documents must be received at least one month prior to your arrival in Santorini. We also arrange vow renewals, for which no legal documentation is needed.

Is there any shades in the ceremony and reception areas?

Please note that there is no possibilities of having any umbrellas or shades/tents in the ceremony or reception areas.

Can you provide us with testimonials/comments from the couples that have got married at Fanari Villas Hotel?
You can download and read a long list of testimonials


Why should we choose a theme for our wedding ceremony and reception?

If you choose a theme, you focus on a main topic that ties the entire event together. This can be done by having the same general theme in the invitations, menus, decoration of the ceremony and reception areas, food, etc.

Do you still feel as in love as you did when you got married?

We can organize a vow renewal ceremony that will show the love, affection, respect and commitment you have had for each other throughout your married life.

What kind of weather should we be expecting in Santorini?

You can see the weather forecast for your wedding day at In general, the weather in Santorini is mild throughout the day, with an evening sea breeze, for which you will require a light jacket.

Can we ask for a wegging cake?

Inform us of your favorite flavor, dietary preferences and/or allergies, as well as any particular design you have in mind. We will prepare a wedding cake for you that will put the sweetness in your marriage.

How much does a Santorini wedding cost?

Apart from our wedding packages which are pre-priced, we can arrange a wedding according to your wishes, after discussing all the details and preparations with you beforehand.

Do we need some special wedding decor?

We can provide all kinds of wedding décor, from a simply-styled wedding table with a floral arrangement of your choice on a white table cloth and an island-style tablecloth cover, to the decoration of the entire reception area. We can create an elegant atmosphere with or without a wedding theme. Our suggestion is not to exaggerate and respect/appreciate/admire and enjoy the imposing surrounding.

Can we rent the wedding dress in Santorini?

Yes, you can.

Which are the proposed locations for our Santorini wedding ceremony?

All of our wedding locations offer a view of the deep blue Aegean Sea.

  • A quaint, 500-year old church yard, with a panoramic view of the Caldera, the sea, Thirassia Island and the magical sunset
  • The veranda in your suite
  • The swimming pool area, with an excellent sea view
  • A secluded, romantic corner of the complex
  • Whether you choose a traditional or simple wedding ceremony, the unique location of Fanari Villas Hotel will capture the minds and hearts of both you and your guests.

Can we buy our wedding rings and jewelry in Santorini?

Of course; there are plenty of excellent jewelry shops on the island.

What is the best time to have our wedding?

The most popular time for weddings in Santorini is at sunset. We suggest beginning the wedding ceremony an hour before sunset, in order to capture the colors and the atmosphere in your video and photographs. We'd like also to inform you that you should avoid to have early guests' gathering or wedding ceremony as the temperatures are high on the island and there are no shading areas for the ceremony or reception. For the exact time of sunset on your wedding day, visit

Can we send you items like our wedding dress or guest gifts prior to our wedding?

Of course, you can, although check for delays at customs and contact them to find out about the procedure and the required documentation. This may take some time to arrange.

Can you provide us with photos of weddings in Santorini that have taken place at Fanari Vilas Hotel?

You can find them in our website or we can mail you several, upon request.

What is a welcome gift?

It is a small package/basket, provided to each guest upon their arrival at the complex. This may include brochures, directions to various places on the island, maps, an events’ program, a special gift of your choice from Santorini, such as a small bottle of Vinsanto wine, beauty products made with olive oil, or any other special gift you desire.

Do we need witnesses?

Two witnesses are required for all types of weddings. If the groom and the bride are travelling on their own, we will be honored to be their witnesses


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A time to cherish forever!

  • July 11th, 2017

    Thank you so much for making our wedding Fantastic. Everything was far better than we ever imagined and we will remember it forever.

    Mike & Kentie Birnstiehl
    Texas, USA

  • June 14th, 2017

    To everyone at Fanari Villas,
    Thank you for making our stay and our wedding absolutely magical!! We had an amazing time, and your kindness and exceptional attention to details is second to none. We can’t wait to return to celebrate many anniversaries!

    Warmest wishes,
    Gregory & Carla Lutin

  • May 20th, 2017

    It is as if we have returned home!
    You have no idea how much we have missed you and your amazing hospitality! You hold a special part in our hearts and we hope we can return soon (very soon!) Thank you for making our 1st anniversary and wedding day absolutely perfect!

    Jaclyn & Matt

  • October 19th, 2016

    To Alexandra our Goddess, our shining star,
    Thank you for the most wonderful time ever! We could not have asked for a more beautiful wedding day and the views were absolutely breathtaking! Your services and hospitality were simply exceptional. We hope one day we can return!

    Canada loves you!
    Lots of love,
    Lindsay & David

  • July 3rd, 2016

    Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality, you made our wedding day very special and our guests enjoyed it! Look forward to be back soon!

    Luciene & Aemon

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