Our resort is a complex of individual units, small villas (houses) with their secluded areas to use. Each suite has its own indoor space which includes sleeping and living areas, WC, mini fridge and coffee/tea kettle and some silverware and china to use. Concerning outdoor areas with pergola or umbrella to provide the necessary shadow option, cool refreshing Jacuzzi and outdoor furniture to use. It can be a unique getaway with suite service option for F & B to be offered from 8:15 till 23:00 so it will allow you to fully experience relaxing moments.



Every member of our staff is trained on the new -constantly updating- cleaning and operating guidelines. This is one of our most important steps to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy and of course our employees. By supervising the application of all measures we continue to operate flawlessly.



• We encourage fast check-in option prior to arrival
• We keep all guests’ information based on GDPR guidelines and we will provide them to any public service control (of any health or security department) if needed.
• We also keep an incident diary-book to subscribe to any event and any actions needed to be taken.
• Social distancing practices and reducing person-to-person contact avoiding gently the handshaking
• Thermometers (mobile & immobile) are available at the front desk for any checking of our employees or guests upon request and a medical kit is adjusted to the recent needs.
• Increased hand- washing and sanitation of our staff
• Self-tests of personnel are made on weekly basis
• Informative material/booklet-map etc. provided in sealed plastic bag upon arrival
• Disinfection products may be found in all common areas throughout our complex and single use gloves and masks can be provided as well, free of charge
• Keep the safe distances and create two stands for check in to avoid creation of queue and spend less waiting time
• Rearrangement of front desk/lobby furniture having as less as possible sitting options (one sided person per area, if needed)
• Front desk employees wear gloves upon your arrival and optionally face shield or mask
• Suite keys will be sanitized upon check in and check out
• Check out time is at 11:00 and check in is at 15:00 for being able to have a thoroughly cleaned suite.
• Operation timetable of front desk/concierge: 24 hrs.
• We offer in-suite breakfast delivery on a daily basis (instead of our standard buffet). Guests would only need to inform us on what their preference is on the food choices and time of delivery upon arrival.
• We are using a hands-free payment method and any bills/receipts/invoices will be sent to your e-mail address in accordance with our environmental policy for paperless transactions. We encourage credit card payments and the acceptance of cash will take place only upon extreme cases (lack for internet connection / electric power / lost or stolen cards etc.).
• Specific accounts’ settling timetable: 08:00-11:00 or 20:00-22:00.
• Telephone numbers of health authorities, hospitals, clinics (public and private), doctors, first aid help centers are available and will be provided upon request.
• Bellboys assisting with luggage, will take care of the necessary measures for health safety such as wearing masks and gloves and clean the luggage coach. Carrying luggage per suite guests only.
• Outdoor visitors/guests/friends are not allowed in the suites and in the pool area.
• Any valet service is not provided unless a guest will be requested. In this case, the driver will wear a mask and gloves and take all precautions. The keys will be sanitized prior to delivering to the client.
• It is not allowed to receive and store any parcels on guests’ behalf.
• Storing clients’ luggage, in case of early check-in or late check-out, will be provided in a secluded area close to the parking space of the hotel.
• There are no lifts in the complex for public use. Bottled wine & water are provided.



• Open massage area: sessions exclusive for one person.
• Open gym corner: use only by one person at a time.
• No pillows for lounge chairs at the pool or for terraces’ chairs will be provided. Clients may use the towels that they will find in-suite.
• Indoor pool/Jacuzzi and sauna facilities will not be in function based on governmental instructions.
• Use of the pool is allowed during function hours 11:00 – sunset and guests have to take a shower prior swimming and to wear plastic head cover.



• The transportation company that we cooperate with certifies that they comply with all the guidelines and that is taking all the precautionary measures applicable.
• We suggest the use of private transportation instead of the shared one, although charges may be applicable. Guests already with a shared transportation option will be advised accordingly and will be asked to revalidate their decision.
• We have adopted a frequent sanitation procedure of the common areas, and the common used public surfaces of the whole complex including guest suites and back-of-house spaces
• We have arranged a disinfection spraying schedule with an expert sanitary certified professional throughout the hotel including guests’ suites, and will be adjusted to further future instruction issued by the national or international health authorities
• All of our cleaning products are chosen in order to achieve a higher than average concentration of bacteria-killing ingredients.



• Cleaning Services – due to the increased health measures against COVID-19 we are instructed to suggest a forgo option of cleaning service. We will waive the suite’s cleaning up to two days’ stay. Guests may inform the front desk employee, if they insist to require daily service or accept our suggestion. Of course we are at your disposal in case of emergency need of service. Any service will be provided during clients’ absence.
• In an effort to minimize our health interference during your stay in Fanari Villas, and for the reservations that are up to 3 nights, we can supply you with the following additional amenities in case that you may want to use it without the interference of our housekeeping personnel:
• Extra linen (bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, pillows)
• Extra towels (bathroom, pool)
• Extra personal amenities (hygiene products, bathrobes, slippers)
• Single use gloves & masks (one set per person per night of stay)
• Disinfection liquid
• Informative message concerning the personal hygienic measures that clients have to take and preserve throughout their stay.
• No pillows for lounge chairs at the room decks / balconies will be provided. Clients may use the towels that they will find in-suite.
• Laundry service is not provided by our staff for guests’ apparel but we provide laundry accessories and detergents for your convenience or we may contact third party professionals to assist you if the time frame allows it.
• The provided Green plastic bags are for laundry linen only and have to be placed outside your villa.
• The provided Blue plastic bags are for garbage only and have to be placed outside your villa.
• Housekeepers wear masks and gloves at all times
• All maintenance works will take place while a suite is not occupied. In case of an emergency, please get in touch with the front desk.
• Pre-arranged romantic set-up decoration in suite for special occasions can be provided (additional charges may apply).

F & B

• Increased sanitary procedures for food products and meal preparation
• Increased cleaning and disinfection procedures of the kitchen and storage rooms.
• Kitchen personnel only are allowed to enter the kitchen areas.
• In case of bad weather, meals could be served in the suite or in the restaurant hall, up to 8 persons. Restaurant hall reservations will be accepted based on securing the social distancing demand and on a first-call-first-served basis. Kindly note that our restaurant serves out-of-the-complex guests as well, both on a walk in and a reservation basis always observing the health guidelines for walk in guests.
• Sitting distance between tables 2 m for indoor areas and 1, 5 m for outdoor areas.
• Maximum persons per table 6: except for cases of family or persons that are family related
• Sanitizing liquid is placed on each table
• Waiting queue at the entrance and creation of table reservation list. Demanding details: name – passport/id – hotel – country – mobile tel – email address
• Operation timetable of restaurant
• Breakfast buffet 8:15-11:00, assistance for service will be provided by our staff
• Lunch a la carte 12:00-15:00
• Dinner a la carte 17:00-23:00
• We have adopted a frequent sanitation procedure of the common areas, and the common used public surfaces of the restaurant.
• Indoor/outdoor area cloth tablecloths/towels/naperon change for every guests’ change
• Sanitizing clients’ hands upon entrance
• Staff is trained to inspect all rules for personal health care.
• Waiters will wear gloves and masks/shields at all times.
• Disinfection liquid will be provided next to buffet area and waiters will assist you for food service, who is using mask and gloves
• F & B dispensers and public machines will be used only by employees to help service the guests by taking all the precautions’ measures
• Option of in-suite serviced f & b, terrace area is suggested.



• Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or a disinfectant, and avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, and mouth) with your hands.
• Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze with a tissue which you must dispose of straightaway in a rubbish bin. If you don’t have a tissue, use your elbow.
• If you experience mild symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat) remain in isolation until medical help arrives.
• If symptoms become worse or if you are considered high-risk (elderly or people of any age with underlying health conditions e.g. diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, arterial hypertension), remain in isolation, seek immediate medical help and consultation from you.
• If you are under medication, you must comply with your doctors’ advice. 
• Avoid getting in contact with persons who show symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat).
• Avoid gatherings, social events and crowded open spaces.
• Avoid strictly to get in contact with people in high-risk groups. If this is not possible, take all personal hygiene measures (wash your hands thoroughly, use a mask or keep a 2-meter distance from one another).
• If you are considered high-risk, please inform the front desk upon your check-in.
• If an incident of COVID-19 arises during your stay and you are forced to reduce your stay because of another guest's unfortunate event, we will provide you a credit voucher for the balance of your stay that will have one-year validation.
• Members of our team are trained to handle situations that may occur, as First aid assistance and Fanari Villas has permanent cooperation with local medical staff and clinics.
• In case of a potential incident in our complex all guests will be notified accordingly. The affected guest will be addressed and taken care of by one of our trained staff who will be assigned to him/her exclusively. We’ll get in touch with the indicated health department and we’ll follow the proper procedures and guidelines that will be given to us.
• In Santorini, there is a main public Hospital and a few private clinics and independent doctors that we can use in any case. Most of them are located in the capital of the island, Fira, which is within a 12 km driving distance from the resort.
• In case of need of transportation to Athens because of sickness, we’ll follow the instructions of the public Hospital and the National Public Health Organization.



Although we live in an unstable and of limited predictability environment, we need to keep dreaming. For that reason, we would like to inform you that we offer & propose the possibility to reschedule/amend any reservation – free of charge - for the following season from your reservation, restricted only from our availability, for guests who will not travel to Santorini because they cannot or they are not allowed. We offer different flexible cancellation policy depending on season.
Guests, who made reservations through third parties, should contact them regarding their cancellation policies.



We, in Fanari Villas, had a second thought, given the case of being affected by the pandemic. Pandemic is a Greek word which means that we, all together, have to suffer and pass through it. We all together have to join efforts, hopes and wishes and proceed in Changing Of Vital Details in our everyday life. One of them is the need of cooperation and support: Proven support. We are talking about the Heroes from the next door, our heroes at the front line. Yes, they need to be supported and thanked. So from our part, a small thank you is that we can offer to the heroes of this crisis, those working at the National Health System without ever being tired, the possibility to visit us. We are offering three nights stay free of charge to thirty couples that would like to visit us. Please, contact us at or further details on the specific offer mentioning the offer code Greek-Heroes-2020.


Let’s stay SAFE for being able to enjoy LIFE!