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Last update: December 2019



The website (from now on called «website»), functions under the management of the company GARMPINOI MYLOI OIA P.C.C. (from now on called «company»), who is the Personal Data Processor of all the information provided during your visit on the referred website and the usage of our online services, meaning all the information which identifies you as persons or which can identify you directly or indirectly.

The company manages the protection of your personal data with strong credibility and has taken all the needed precautions in order to secure the safety and maintenance of confidentiality of the data concerning the guests/users of its website.

You are kindly asked to proceed in reading thoroughly the following «Privacy & Protection of Personal Data Policy» of our Website, in order to be informed on what information is being collected when you use or visit our online services, on the information published on it, how it is being processed and what your rights are. 

The present report exists for your own update regarding the function of privacy policies based on the articles 13-14 of the General Law for the Personal Data of EU 679/2016. In the case you have any questions regarding the present report and in general about the way the company collects and processes your personal data, please feel free to contact us on the email address:


Information that is Automatically Collected upon your Visit and Usage of our Website

The present Website mainly functions for offering information on the visitor/client, and, therefore, the simple web browsing does not demand the provision / import of any personal data of the user. However, in the case of simply visiting and browsing on the website, some information might be automatically collected, that could identify and concern you, directly or indirectly, such as:

  • The Internet Protocol address (IP address) of your device
  • The kind of browser being used and the functional system
  • The websites you visited prior to or after the usage of our Website
  • The connection speed and information about the software installed on your device
  • Basic information concerning your server
  • Information that is collected through HTML cookies, Flash cookies, web beacons and any other similar technologies (see the Cookies section)  Cookies.

Information that you provide to us with your Consent

Hotel – Online Reservation Service

The visitor/user of the website, given that he wishes so, may proceed in choosing to create a reservation at the Fanari Villas resort.

The visitor/user, after choosing the selected type room, the preferred dates of arrival and departure, the number of persons that will be accommodated, in order to complete the booking would need to submit all the following pieces of information: name, surname, email address, credit card number, full name of credit card holder, expiration date, CVV/CVC code, and telephone number (optional).

The visitor/user of the website is also able to state any kind of preferences regarding his reservation in the relevant form, after he has chosen to have the extra service of transportation to/from the hotel (optional). The information needed is the following: details about the number of the flight or the name of the boat, the expected arrival time, the scheduled time of departure of flight/boat, the date of birth and the passport/ID number obligatory.

Finally, the visitor/user of the website could optionally give the following information: country of origin, postal address, city/region, state, postal code, company/enterprise name, purpose of travelling and any other comments/special inquiries under the form of a free text.

After having completed the booking procedure by clicking on the field «accept and book», the user is asked to accept the terms and conditions of the website, implying that he agrees with them and with the present policy, sections of which he can read by clicking on the relevant hyperlink in order to get redirected on the specific part of policy.

Cancellation/ modification of the reservation

In the case that any user of the website would like to cancel or modify a finalized reservation, he needs to click on the Modification/cancel booking option, and to fill in the reservation number that he has already received upon the completion of the initial booking, as well as his email address, in order to manage the reservation accordingly.

Restaurant and Bar – online booking service «Make a booking»

For the users that wish to make a reservation in the Fanari Restaurant/Bar, there is a relevant online service powered by the platform of Opentable, with which the Restaurant co-operates. The user gets redirected in the mentioned- above platform by clicking on the option Find a table. Through this platform, the user can proceed further in booking a table after he has stated the number of persons of the reservation.

Moreover, by using this platform, the user has the opportunity to create an account for the service, after providing his email address and one personal password. For those that do not wish so, there are the options proceeding with the reservation through or a Facebook acoount, given that the user has already a relevant account.



In order to Communicate with You    

Given that you have used the website as indicated, we use the data that you provide us with in order to communicate with you, based each time on the content of the message/ inquiry you have stated or concerning the information you have enlisted in the relevant reservation forms.

For Statistics

In order for us to get more insight on how our website is being used by the visitors/ users, we keep a file and we analyze all the data that has been collected. We may use this information, for instance, in order to keep a track on the usage of the website, to boosts its functionality and to edit the content and the layout of it, based on the users’ needs.



By using the present website and given all the precautions indicated by the law regarding the privacy policy in the field of online communication, you submit your explicit consent for the mentioned above forms of your personal data being processed.

Your consent can be recalled at any time, without its legitimacy for data processing up to that point being offended. In the case you wish to recall your consent, you are kindly asked to submit the relevant request to the Company on this email address:

Concerning the data that gets collected automatically by your browsing on the website, you are kindly requested to abstain from it in the case that you do not wish your data to be collected and processed.



Throughout the filing of your personal data, we make sure to distinguish those referred to minors. In any case that it comes to our notice that we have collected information provided by a minor aged under of fifteen years old, without any verifiable parental consent, based on the article 8 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU 679/2016 and the article 21 of the Law 4324/2019, we will delete the information from our data basis the sooner possible. If you believe we have collected information from a minor aged under 15 years old, please contact the company in the following address:



The company respects your rights to protect your privacy and information that concerns you and for that reason it uses them only for the mentioned above purposes. For the reason, it does not make public, exchange or make accessible to third parties your personal data, except for the cases that this needed as stated previously. Moreover, the website does not provide the information to anyone out of the European Union.

However, there is the possibility that we make your data accessible to other companies, applications or persons in the cases stated below:

  • Up to the point that it is necessary for the function of the website and the completion of the editing purpose, the Company is likely to hand your data to the third parties, such as companies that provide services regarding hotel reservations, advertising companies and information system support companies. In that case, the Company will take all the necessary precautions so that its partners are specifically authorized for that purpose and that they comply strictly with all the regulations regarding privacy as they are indicated by the law.
  • Additionally, we may make public any information about you in order to investigate, undermine or proceed in actions opposing illegal processes, if there is any kind of suspicions for unauthorized behavior or any punishable actions against the rights and legal interests of any individual or legal entity, in the case that the Privacy Policy of the Website has been broken or if it is indicated by the law, as well as in any other cases that we may faithfully believe that the publication of personal data is necessary.
  • We may as well, use your data in cases of court needs, such as orders and procedures, investigations, legal cases or any other cases concerning law fairs required by any competent authority, including the Privacy Policy Authority and the Supervising Authority of Privacy Policy from other country-members of the EU, in order to defend our rights or to counter claims against us.
  • Please, note that third parties might process data in different ways that we do, including your IP address and information about the websites you visit and the log-ins you do, through cookies, during your visit. For more information, see the «Cookies» section.



The Company will maintain the data collected from the website only for the necessary time period for the completion of the above expressed processing purposes and its lawful obligations. Whether you wish to recall your consent for the process of our personal data, we will proceed in deleting them from the electronic and any physical files we keep, unless their maintenance is necessary as pointed by the law in cases of defend of our rights or our legal interests in court.



The security of your personal data is absolute commitment for us. In order to achieve this, we apply all the modern and appropriate for editing purposes technical and organizational means, whose response and adequacy we check frequently.



The Website offers the ability to browse in websites of third parties through relevant links. Those links serve the purpose of the easier use of the Website from the users, while the websites to which the users get redirect follow the privacy policies and regulations of the relevant companies. The use of the links does not indicate the consent of content of the respective websites by the administrator of the Website, who is not responsible for their content, neither for their practices of privacy or the accuracy of details they include. The Company has no control over the websites that belong to third parties or their content, the use of which happens through this website or is provided to it, and, therefore, the Company does not stand for, fund, counsels or takes any responsibility for those websites or their content. If the user decides to visit, through our Website, any of those third parties’ websites, he accepts that he proceeds in it at his own risks.



You may exercise the following rights:
  • The right of access, in order to find out which of your data we process, for what reason and who their receivers are
  • The right of correction, , in order to correct any missing or inaccurate information.
  • The right of delete or, otherwise, right to the expire, in order to have your data deleted from our files, given that their maintenance and process is no longer needed in our compliance with our legal actions or the defending of our legal interests before the Courts. 
  • The right of edit restriction, in the case of questioning the accuracy of your data.
  • The right to portability, to receive your data in a structured and commonly used format
  • The right to object, if you do not wish the use of your data for direct commercial promotion of our services, including the objection for profile creation. (We inform you that our Website does not use your personal information for direct promotion and does not proceed in the creation of profile using automated methods of data processing.

For the exercise of your rights, you may send a relevant request to the Company to this email address:

The Company will make every possible effort to respond to your request within thirty (30) days after receipt. However, in the case of that the complexity of your request or because of the amount of information, the fulfilment of your inquiry is not achievable within those days, the Company bounds to inform you within this time period about the reasons of delay and to make utmost efforts to finalize the case as soon as possible and, in any case, in less than two additional months' period.

The company preserves the right not to fulfil your request, in the case that it is defined as obviously unfounded or excessive, informing you about the reasons for the non-completion.

In any case, you maintain the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority. (


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